Ovation Presented by RAW ARTISTS Orange County

The Mansion Costa Mesa, 841 Baker St, Costa Mesa, CA 92626, Costa Mesa

ALOHA #DLODFAM, we are excited to announce we will be featured at the RAW Artist Orange County showcase! Featuring everything from music, art, fashion, beauty, to photography; Ovation aims to show the world artists of all forms!

18+ October 10TH 7:00PM PDT Mansion Costa Mesa 841 Baker St, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Exclusive DLOD Ticket Link (Receive a free album with ticket purchase!) http://www.rawartists.org/dlodworld

We hope to see you there! If you can't make it, tell a friend and live vicariously through them. Spread the word; DLOD is only here because you guys keep it that way. Much love #DLODFAM!!

RAW Goals: To serve independent artists with tools, resources, education and exposure needed to thrive and succeed in their creative careers.

RAW showcases indie talent in visual art, film, fashion & accessories design, music, performance art, beauty, and photography.

RAW is a fun and alternative way for creatives to showcase both to their local community and the world-at-large.

We are not your average art show. We are loud, colorful, creative, and all about our artists. We are RAW.