Bare Bones Brawlers

The third installment of Spooktober features Stalfos from the Legend of Zelda series! Pull up a chair and listen to Katie geek out over fighting skeletons, talk about her theories regarding their creation and explore some spooky skeleton stories throughout

Gargoyles: Warriors of the Night

Come listen as we chat about butt-kicking bat people! Katie talks about Gargoyles in this quick Spooktober episode and regales us with stories of time traveling defenders of old. We also get to talk about stereotypical monster features, why a

A Real Witchy Woman Baba Yaga

Welcome to our first Spooktober Special featuring a real witchy woman - Baba Yaga in the Hellboy universe and how she has evolved from the comics into the newest 2019 movie. Then we get to talk about old Slavic gods,

God Vs King Part II

Prepare your earholes for Part II of God Vs King featuring King Kong! Zach teaches us about the original creature concept for King Kong and how he's changed over the years. We also talk about old Hollywood special effects, headlining

Ep. 8 God Vs King Part I

Join us for Part I of our Godzilla versus King Kong special! Today we take a deeper look at Godzilla and how he inspired the kaiju monster movie culture. You also get to hear us talk about bad cartoons, creepy …

Ep. 7 Sleepy Snorlax

Two Poke-nerds chat about one of their all time favorite Pokemon, Snorlax. Tune in while we explore the beauty of being big, of unfettered eating habits, sprouting trees from your tummy and a Hindu giant with an unfortunate curse.

Ep. 6 The Fearsome Direwolves

Tune in as we take a quick look into everyone's favorite murder puppies, the Direwolves! We're touching on important points like about poor parenting decisions, dream states, canine family trees, and prehistoric pit traps. 

Ep. 5 A Bottle of Djinn

Crack open a bottle of wish-granting Djinn with us! This episode we learn about the origin of the Djinn, killer shadow people, super old manuscripts, bad fishing locations, and threatening those who free you with murder may not be the …

Ep. 4 Venom And The Symbionts

Two nerds talking about Venom and symbionts! Listen to a fun conversation about the differences between symbiotic, toxic relationships, chocolate and brain soup.

Ep.3 Audrey 2

Join us as we take a look at the star of Little Shop of Horrors' Audrey 2! A silly chat about man eating plants and fake adventurers.

Ep. 2 The Marrok and Werewolves

A look at Germanic werewolves and how they inspired the Carnival Row Marrok. We talk about funky clothing options, scolding your neighbors, candle lit shrines and bad guys with bad tempers.

Ep.1 The Mighty Manticore

A look at the mighty manticore, its origins and reiterations throughout history. We discuss brass instruments, zoology, questionable hunting habits and attempt to pronounce greek names.