What is Digital Lizards Of Doom?

Digital Lizards Of Doom (the graphic novel) is a fantasy adventure series, inspired by role-playing, video adventure games and Saturday morning cartoons. The Story centers around a young lizard named Dizzy Doom, who lives under the tutelage of intergalactic monks. Many ages ago these monks used science and sorcery to defeat an evil entity by the name of Commander E.K.O. Since his defeat, the universe has enjoyed a long period of peace and prosperity. The union of science and magic has now become outdated; Commander E.K.O. has returned once again to enslave the universe and seek his revenge. As revelations about his world are exposed, Dizzy’s faith is shaken, and he must now make an unlikely alliance with a mysterious ninja and a swashbuckling pirate. Together they'll search for a fabled weapon that could destroy evil forever and bring the universe into an unending era of peace!

Digital Lizards Of Doom (The band) is an alternative rock project that features musicians from all over the world. D.L.O.D. delivers a unique blend of art, comedy and pop culture. Live show attendees are encouraged to join the band’s performance, using toy swords and foam pistols to seal the fate of the galaxy. Show-goers choose a team and battle alongside the heroic reptilian Dizzy Doom or an evil robot named Commander E.K.O. Digital Lizards of Doom comics are also available at each special event. They give you a chance to bring the world of D.L.O.D. home and learn more about the characters that make up this wacky space saga. On your phone or live in your face, Digital Lizards Of Doom is an experience that should not be missed.