What is Digital Lizards of Doom?

Digital Lizards of Doom is a graphic novel series (and LIVE touring act) based out of San Diego, CA. Digital Lizards Of Doom (the graphic novel series) centers around a young lizard named Dizzy Doom, who lives under the tutelage of intergalactic monks. Many ages ago these monks used science and sorcery to defeat an evil entity by the name of Commander E.K.O. Since his defeat, the universe has enjoyed a long period of peace and prosperity. The union of science and magic has now become outdated; Commander E.K.O. has returned once again to enslave the universe and seek his revenge. As revelations about his world are exposed, Dizzy’s courage is shaken, and he must now make an unlikely alliance with a mysterious ninja and a cyborg cat pirate. Together they'll search for a fabled weapon that could destroy evil forever and bring the universe into an unending era of peace! 


(Think the graphic novel Saga, meets The Truman Show, but for kids!) 


This fantastic adventure series is largely inspired by video games and Saturday morning style cartoon shows. The scope and world-building in the story is pulled largely from classics like “Power Rangers” and “Conan The Barbarian”. The character development and pacing are inspired by cartoons like “Samurai Jack” and “Steven Universe”. With dialogue and page layout that creates a reading experience like a role playing game, Digital Lizards Of Doom pulls the audience in with its dynamic storytelling system.” 


Along with the graphic novel, Digital Lizards Of Doom has its own band! The band consists of Gabriel Valentin (guitar, vocals) and Gallie Fisher, (mandolin, vocals.) Digital Lizards Of Doom Live: brings the Saturday morning style adventure into venues all over the world, where attendees can battle for justice with Dizzy Doom the heroic lizard or join forces with the evil robot Commander E.K.O. The band which is signed to Australian record label Noize Cartel Records, creates new content each month that brings a whole new level of storytelling, never before witnessed in any physical or metaphysical form of pop-culture entertainment. 


Enjoy this epic fantasy adventure for the laughs and the thrills or dig deeper to uncover the mysteries that will either spell out victory or certain doom.